We ARE Freethinkers

Laura Behan, Account Director


I have spent the past 8 weeks of lockdown being innovative, adaptive and extremely proud
Over the past 8-weeks we have all been dictated by Coronavirus. We have not been allowed to see loved ones, we have socially distanced from other humans and not even been allowed out of our own homes. It’s been a long and tough time for us all to adjust to what we are now calling the ‘new normal’. And this is set to continue at the very least in the short-term but more realistically in the long-term.

I am one of the fortunate ones who can continue to work from home. I can attend virtual meetings, plan TV campaigns, buy TV campaigns, speak to media owners as I would if we were both sat in our respective offices. I am very thankful for this. Having all this continued connectivity and ability at my disposable, has enabled lots of great work.

As an AV department across the past 8 weeks we have conquered the following:

1. Planned and booked over 100 TV, VOD, AdSmart campaigns for Scottish Government

Arguably one of our most important roles as a business across this period. Ensuring all Scots are receiving immediate and important information. This ranges from anything from health advice all the way through to financial support.

2. Planned and booked a TV campaign for Beaverbrooks asking the nation #sharethelove

We worked with Beaverbrooks, TBWA and ITV production to turn around a campaign brief to going live on TV in less than 2-weeks. A great achievement for everyone involved and a truly ‘feel good’ campaign that the nation needed.

3. We have won new business with a new-to-TV client a ‘US based online learning platform’

The client understood the need in the market for online education and skills as people were spending more time at home. In 2-weeks from our first zoom call, the client aired their first ever UK TV campaign on Monday 13th April.

And the list continues.

• We have signed-off two TV sponsorships for brands Whyte & Mackay and Shackleton
• We have a campaign live with Robert’s Bakery promoting #shareyourbake
• We have a partnership going live with Velux on Sky
• We have launched our first TV campaign for Severn Trent Water
• We have also been shortlisted for 2 x Thinkbox TV Planning Awards!

And it’s only been 8-weeks!

COVID has given me a unique insight to our previously untapped potential. If we’ve achieved this in 2-months I’m desperate to see what else we can do – we’re only just getting started …
I am truly proud of all the innovative and hard work that has been activated across my team. It hasn’t been easy and at some points it has felt nearly impossible. But we are Republic of Media and we ARE freethinkers.