by Sophie Bruce, Media Trainee


I first walked into 3 Ponton Street with 5 weeks’ worth of advertising knowledge, an almost completed Politics degree and heels that were definitely one size too small for me. Surrounded by a kaleidoscope of other potential candidates, I honestly felt like I had no chance. I therefore just decided to be myself, which coincidentally was the best decision I ever made.

My last three months have flown by so quickly I’ve barely stop to catch my breath, immersed into the wonderful world of media full-pelt. I could tell you all the complex and creative things they’ve challenged me with but that would make them just a regular media agency.

The thing that has, and continues to, make ROM such a fantastic place to work (there are awards to prove it) are the people and the environment they choose to create. They made me feel so welcome, accepted my mild Pepsi Max addiction and pushed me to be a part of everything ROM has to offer.

In just three months I’ve attended award ceremonies, met with clients, built a ‘Wellbeing Wall’ and helped raise vital funds for an incredible charity. It’s not making tea; it’s being a part of something so much more than a team.



So, my advice for any shiny new graduates who walk through the halls of 3 Ponton Street? Be yourself, say yes to EVERYTHING and just because you don’t think you’re good enough to be the next media messiah, doesn’t mean you aren’t exactly what they are looking for.