Saving the TV advertising industry

Laura Behan, Deputy Head of AV


The things I’d keep if we changed the way TV is traded

Enders Analysis have released a report which highlights the changes they deem necessary to the way TV is traded in the UK. The report highlights some fundamental flaws in the way TV is traded for the current AV landscape of which I agree with most. However, I believe we need to protect a few core components in the way we plan and buy TV.

The power of the spot list
When speaking to our clients the excitement of receiving a spot list of the programmes their brand will be featured in, is still a contributing factor to their media choice. They can share these with teams internally and with stakeholders to drum up excitement for a campaign launch. Imagine it’s Saturday night you are sat at home with your partner and kids watching The Masked Singer. The first ad break comes on and the first advert you see is your brand, your TV campaign. And not only is that exciting for you and your business but it’s being seen by millions of people across the UK.

Human interaction and intuition
The experience and knowledge of TV planners and buyers enables us to react to market conditions based on both data and emotion. One of the most powerful drivers of TV advertising success is the emotional connection a 30” spot can have on the viewer. A physical human emotion of which TV planners and buyers will have experienced themselves as a TV viewer.

Channel brands
Each broadcaster in the UK has its unique positioning in the market. ITV is for the masses, large scale reach with fame driving consistent content specialising in soaps and entertainment. Channel 4 delivers unique reach with one-off programmes reaching a slightly more upmarket and younger demograph. Skymedia is the home of sport and premium American programmes built around its loyal subscribers. AV planners use this knowledge and insight to create plans not only built around reach and frequency but context.

Can we replace experience with an algorithm? Only time will tell.