ADOPTING a freethinking culture

Laura Behan, Account Director


It may only be day 35 in my new role at Republic of Media but it feels like 365 days of learning. To say it’s a different way of working from a network agency is an understatement – it’s enormously different, rewarding and I love it.

The office is smaller, there are fewer people but there’s a far greater feeling of belonging. Every action undertaken in an independent agency has an impact on the overall business goal. The notion that you are actively influencing the business you work in affects your day to day attitude. We are all pushing towards the same ambition – to grow. Grow our clients, grow new business wins, grow innovation and ultimately grow Republic of Media alongside our clients.

Since starting my new role, I’ve worked on multiple new business pitches, developed a million-pound TV plan and attended the infamous agency Christmas Party. It’s fair to say the role is varied and enables me to be freethinking in my day-to-day tasks. I no longer have to conform to restricted network deals when planning TV campaigns. I can truly plan a campaign that will deliver the best result for the client, unrestricted by the hurdles of network deals and conformity.

The website highlights that ‘We are the Freethinking Agency’ and as you browse through the website you are constantly reminded of our ‘Freethinking’ philosophy. I confess I was sceptical of the agency ‘mantra’ when I first started. Every agency has one and every agency is trying to insert its culture into the office environment, within pitch work and across day-to-day client servicing. So, you’ll have to forgive me for believing this would be the same at Republic of Media!

But I don’t mind admitting when I’m wrong and I was.

When looking up the word ‘free’ in the dictionary its definition is ‘not under the control of another’. This perfectly sums up Republic of Media. We are not constrained by agency deals and we have the freedom to produce work for clients based on their objectives not based on agency performance.

Freethinking isn’t just a label or a word we use in pitches, its woven into our everyday tasks. I have the time, support and freedom to deliver the most effective media plans for our clients.

The time has come for independent agencies to start a media revolution.