Why Channel 4 becoming available on AdSmart is great news for advertisers?

Laura Behan, Account Director


TV is an emotional and engaging channel that has the ability to bring a brand to life and drive brand fame among potential customers. In 2018, we watched an average of 3 hours of TV every day! TV advertising has its limits (just like any other media channel) but with the introduction of technology the opportunities for advertisers to reach their target audience is increasing.

AdSmart – which launched 5 years ago – has seen significant growth; from a niche buying approach to a large reaching (40% of UK population) TV option which has delivered 17,000 campaigns to date. The most commonly known transformation was the ability to target regionally on Sky channels. Previously only terrestrial channels ITV and Channel 4 had this capability to offer brands targeting to a specific region(s).

In addition to regional advertising AdSmart has allowed brands to speak to their potential customers through a wide range of targeting options, a few examples below.


  • Additional regional targeting using postcode, metropolitan and local authority data
  • Identifying audiences based on TV viewing consumption
  • Targeting households who have children
  • Reaching households who have moved in the past 3 months


Channel 4 have confirmed that they will be using the AdSmart technology across their portfolio of channels – Channel 4, C4Owned (E4, More4, Film4, 4Music) and UKTV (Gold, Dave, Watch, BTSport etc) – which will be accessed via the sky set-top box (including Virgin homes).



This opens up new opportunities for clients but what exactly are these opportunities?

Regional brands can now access content available across the Channel 4 portfolio including some of their biggest shows like Gogglebox and The Great British Bake Off. Channel 4 content is watched by a variety of audiences including some of the harder to reach TV groups ‘light TV viewers’ and ‘young/affluent’.

At Republic of Media we are committed to AdSmart as a proven platform for our clients which has continually driven results. We use AdSmart in a variety of ways across our diverse client portfolio including the most commonly used geo-targeting. We will continue to work with Sky as the AdSmart technology develops and seek to embrace the new channels opened up with the imminent launch of Channel 4.

We are yet to understand how Channel 4 AdSmart will be traded though. Will the proposition support or compete with Sky’s current offering?

The two saleshouses need to work together and continue to drive the power of TV advertising within the industry. But following the success story of AdSmart on Sky (75% of all campaigns booked are new to TV or Sky), it would be foolish to believe Channel 4 won’t exploit this new line of revenue.

The great news for advertisers is that enabling the AdSmart technology to a wider range of channels will boost overall reach – one of TV’s core USP’s. When Channel 4 adopt the addressable technology advertisers will be able to deliver their message to a larger audience pool, but still have the option for supplementary targeting.

Want to know more about AdSmart’s capabilities? Get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help!