First Month with Republic of Media. Captivated. The fascination of the advertising industry.

William Jackson, Broadcast Media Trainee


One Month In

I am a Trainee Broadcast Media Assistant, which means I specialise in linear TV, Video on Demand and Cinema ensuring campaigns run as smoothly and effectively as possible (sales patter). I’ve learnt a plethora of TV media/advertising content over the last four weeks, which has been fascinating, and I’ve gained a comprehensive insight into how TV is consumed in today’s society and what that means from an advertising perspective. I’ve also been introduced to other areas that Republic of Media operate in, such as digital and insight. Like TV, there is so much more going on than I originally thought.

First Month Highlights

One of the first accounts I was introduced to at ROM was bet365, so straight away I felt a strong level of responsibility. Being introduced to such a large client early doors – with oversight of course – has really helped give me a holistic understanding of how large campaigns operate and the many aspects that need to be accounted for. Which in turn, I can apply to my work in the future.
After a few weeks at ROM I went to a Thinkbox training session in London and, despite the 04:30am start being a bit of a killer, it turned out to be well worth it. The session was basically an introduction to TV advertising, its benefits and the methodology around planning a TV advertising campaign. It was great for clarifying the information I’d already taken on board, and giving me food for thought. It also instilled a level of confidence in me that ROM are willing to invest in my development and future potential.

Overall my first month at ROM has only amplified my interest in the industry, by seeing just how much planning, insight and innovation goes into the work that is being done here. It’s easy to think, looking from the outside in, that chucking a few TV adverts on a screen, a few digital banners on the web and sticking some posters on the roadside would be job done, but this is so far from the truth.

The amount of detail that needs to be considered when planning each area of a campaign is astonishing, but living in the diverse and data rich world of today, precision planning needs to be at the core of what we do.

In light of my time here, I hope to extend my knowledge of the industry and increase my input in broadcast, advertising and media in general. With the support of my team and ROM, I can only expect to better my grasp of the industry going forward.