Around for over thirty years, meal replacement products sit at the heart of their offering – but it was these two factors combined which provided the business with its core challenge and brand void; many consumers felt the brand was outdated and associated the diet’s staple meal replacement plans with extreme weight loss needs, creating a barrier to future growth.

It was decided that a full rebrand would offer the best way to start this huge re-positioning task and so, the One2One Diet was born.

With a refreshed consumer-facing identity, the re-invigorated business tasked Republic of Media to devise the budget and strategy to hit ambitious, three-year commercial targets.

For the brand’s launch in May 2019, we needed to balance reaching as many prospective dieters as possible through broadcast comms, whilst also delivering more personalised ‘one to one’ moments in media, key to educating consumers about the product.

A fame-focused brand TV strategy put the One to One Diet in some of the country’s most loved and talked about programming, whilst National Radio across Heart radio and women’s glossies acted as important broadcast multipliers. Sequential targeting across Spotify, social and programmatic delivered more personalised and intimate opportunities to reach dieters.

The campaign delivered a significant uplift in brand awareness and consideration whilst serving to shift positive perceptions of the brand and at a rate that far exceeded industry benchmarks – and the great news is we’re only just getting started.