We've all gone cycling mad! or have we?

by Stuart Feather, Managing Director

What a great job Yorkshire did at hosting the Tour de France Grand Depart – even the French (who know a thing or two about cycling) acknowledged the spectacle England’s greatest county [editor's note: not the official company viewpoint] had put on. Some show.

And the media quite rightly acknowledged the volume of spectator support, and proudly announced that we have become a cycling obsessed nation. Well actually, we haven’t – a quick look at the other sporting events of that weekend (5th of July) shows that we are still a nation that loves a diverse range of sport, but above all else, we love football.

Non-consolidated BARB data indicates that ITV’s coverage of the Tour de France Grand Depart peaked at 2.8 Men TVRs, although Sunday fared better, peaking at 4.0 TVRs at 1625 on the Sunday.

But the weekend sporting audience battle was well and truly won by the BBC.  BBC2’s coverage of F1 from Silverstone delivered its audience peak at 1525 with a significant 11.5 Men TVRs – not bad when it was sharing coverage with Sky’s great F1 channel.

And then there was Wimbledon, where the Men’s Final delivered a drama-packed 19.2 Men TVRs on Sunday afternoon.

The BBC’s sport fest didn’t end there – on Tuesday, a huge 32.5 Men TVRs was delivered at 2240 for the shocking spectacle that was Brazil 1 - Germany 7.  Not bad at all.

So, let’s get it all in perspective – we sort of like cycling, we definitely like F1, we love tennis, but we're absolutely crazy about football.